We are please to be continuing our work to support Nottinghamshire Victim Care’s Community Point Programme.

Community Points are local organisations who help people and who can also provide extra support to victims of crime. Community Points are quality assured by Nottinghamshire Victim CARE to help victims.

As a Community Point we can help identify if you would benefit from support, discuss what kind of support you could access, signpost you to other supporting agencies or refer you to a Victim CARE Caseworker. Through our close relationship with Nottinghamshire Victim CARE, Community Points we may also be able to offer access to target hardening items, such as personal alarms or window alarms.

Read more about the Community Points here and find out where your nearest Community Point is located. If you are a victim of crime and feel you would benefit from our help please telephone 01773 768 363. Our offices are closed for callers in person during the national lock-down but we will ensure that you can access the help you need by calling the number above.

We are also keen to help Nottinghamshire Victim Care reduce the incidence of crime in Broxtowe through providing information that helps people avoid becoming a victim through increasing knowledge of how to avoid scams and fraud and encouraging people to report crimes so that others do not fall victim.

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