National Consumer Week (#NCW) is an annual campaign to raise awareness of issues consumers are having across the country, and the protections and resources available to help people when they need it. We’ll be sharing information on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week.

Because the pandemic has meant that more people are shopping online we will be focusing the campaign on just that, safer online shopping and your rights and problems with deliveries.

This year’s #NCW is running from 16 November – 22 November and the campaign will focus on online shopping and delivery. 

To understand your consumer rights and find out more about #NCW20 follow the link below.

Here’s our tips for safer online shopping

5 top tips for avoiding online shopping delivery problems:

  1. Check the delivery policies before you place an order. Check the delivery
    times, the delivery costs as well as the process and potential cost of returning the
  2. If you won’t be home… provide as much detail as possible about where the
    parcel should be delivered to. Consider asking a neighbour or friend if you can
    deliver it to their address. However, this will be seen as a receipt of delivery, so
    only do this if you know the space is safe or the friend or neighbour will be home
  3. Is it an online trader or online marketplace? Check if you are dealing with a
    trader or a private seller on an online marketplace. Your rights can be different if
    you’re buying online from a private seller – the goods must be as described and
    can’t be misrepresented (e.g. by claiming something used is brand new).
    However, the seller doesn’t have to disclose any faults of the items
  4. Look at online reviews of the trader to see if they’re genuine. By reading the
    reviews of other customers, you can learn how reliable the company is and how
    well they deal with missing parcel complaints and refunds
  5. Keep in mind who you should deal with when a parcel goes missing. Your
    purchase and agreement is with the trader, therefore if your parcel goes missing
    you should speak to the trader to deal with the problem, not the courier
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