The Wellbeing Hub was officially launched in July 2019. The project came about after Citizens Advice in Broxtowe recognised that many people living in the Borough required extra support to manage and live sustainable lives and achieve the same advice outcomes as other clients of Citizens Advice Broxtowe. These included some of our most vulnerable service users.

By providing extra, proactive help and mentoring to those who often find themselves in crisis with things like housing, debts and many other issues it was hoped that people would be better able to manage their problems in the future and live better lives requiring the services of other agencies less often.

Through local and national research it was discovered that many of the same service users also experience poor mental health and by linking Nottinghamshire Mind services to early intervention advice, Citizens Advice Broxtowe piloted a project aimed at achieving better outcomes for vulnerable people and promoting wellbeing.

The model is new but simple.

  • Resolve the beneficiary’s immediate crisis.
  • Once identified keep in touch and work with the participant to manage the practical issues they face and keep them out of crisis.
  • Provide mentoring so that the beneficiary becomes better able to manage problems.
  • Seek to build confidence and resilience through the availability of Nottinghamshire Mind support services.
  • By participation in group activities increase the participant’s network.

A number of agencies are already showing interest in the project that has been subject to an extensive evaluation process. An Impact Report was completed in September 2020 and discovered that:

“The project has moved our most vulnerable beneficiaries from a position of reduced or no long term outcome to a greater outcome than that of the average client.”

Stakeholders who work with clients that might benefit from the project are encouraged to find out more by calling the numbers below:

01773 768363 (Eastwood area) 01159 173802 (Beeston area)

Thank you to our funders

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