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August Days of Action

Citizens Advice Broxtowe continues its drive to support people through the cost-of-living crisis. With food prices increasing at an alarming rate and autumn just around the corner household budgets continue to be hard pressed.

We are also aware that the school holidays put extra pressure on families. If you’re struggling to budget contact us to see what extra help you may be entitled to.

During July Days of Action events were held in Chilwell, Eastwood, Beeston, Stapleford Care Centre and Middle Street Resource Centre. In total the events that commenced in June have helped 70 people and increased their income to a total of £255,718. Many more have been referred directly to our Financial Resilience Team.

The August programme is still being finalised and can be viewed here. So far, we have confirmed events in Beeston, Eastwood, Stapleford and Chilwell.

Click here to see the up to date list of events.

Changing Lives – Managing Futures

Our Changing Lives early intervention project is now two years old. We are grateful to support from National Lottery Community Fund who have made this project possible and allowed us to expand the service across Nottinghamshire with Citizens Advice Broxtowe acting as the lead. The partnership includes all the counties Citizens Advice Charities and Nottinghamshire Mind.

Last month we published our Year 2 Impact report that you can download below.

The project that works proactively with people who face multiple problems supported over 300 people in Year 2. The objectives were:

  • Deliver a proactive (early intervention) approach to community advice work.
  • Release capacity within the Citizens Advice service.
  • Take pressure off other services providers (statutory and voluntary)
  • Provide an outcomes-based approach to community advice work that helps people fulfil their potential and equality of outcome.
  • Gives beneficiaries the skills they need to improve their wellbeing and live more sustainable lives.

Each beneficiary is supported with an action plan that includes:

  • Addressing the immediate crisis and advice needs.
  • Referral to a specialist caseworker when required and liaising with the caseworker.
  • Referral to Mind Nottinghamshire Recovery Coach to improve mental resilience.
  • Engagement with additional community and statutory services that would be of benefit.
  • Scheduled contacts and mentoring.
  • Targeted exit date.

The evaluation demonstrated that beneficiaries were:

  • Better equipped to identify and manage problems
  • Increased confidence and ability to access help and support when needed
  • Development of new skills

They also report improved mental resilience expressed as:

  • Feeling less isolated and more supported
  • Increase optimism about the future

Community events in Broxtowe

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