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We have now updated the website for our cost-of-living Days of Action. with the July events. Days of Action are events and appointments designed to:

  • Make sure everyone struggling with the cost-of-living is able to get help.
  • Reach out to people that use community organisations but might not know what additional help is available to them.
  • Achieve measurable reductions in poverty and improvements in financial well-being.
  • Generate referrals to our Financial Resilience Broxtowe* project.

*Financial Resilience Broxtowe is a project designed to work proactively with people and households who find it difficult to manage financially. It works with them to create a long-term plan towards financial resilience based on improving income, reducing expenditure and protecting assets and building a financial safety net.

Citizens Advice Broxtowe is continuously working hard to support our community with the challenges they face. For more about Citizens Advice on social media follow the #WeAreCitizensAdvice.

Click on the link below to find ouy where your nearest event is being held.

During June we held six events across the borough including attendance at the Beeston Garden Trail. We hope to bring you an update of the progress next month. Once again we were grateful to Janet Patrick for the use of her delightful garden to promote the Days of Action.

Caring Roadshows

The Caring Roadshows offer free support for all unpaid carers on the day, no matter what the circumstances of the person they are caring for. The programme of events for 2023 is updated on a regular basis and events have been organised for July and August.

The events are open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. You can browse, visit as many stalls as you want to, take away information and chat to the stallholders. The idea is to provide information, which may include signposting to other organisations, so you can make an informed choice over future care needs for yourself or family members you maybe caring for.  If you want privacy we usually have a room at the indoor shows set aside for this. Find out more here.

Scams Awareness Week 2023

Citizens Advice Broxtowe is supporting Scams Awareness Week 2023. Scams Awareness is an annual campaign aiming to:

➔Give people skills to identify scams

➔Encourage people to share their experiences

➔Help people gain the confidence to report scams Our July 2023 campaign has an additional focus of offering support around bogus sellers

Our partners in Broxtowe are encouraged to to participate and there are a number of resources to help the community to get involved on our national website here.

We are of course here to help people to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or help people report scams all year long. You can find a host of useful contact numbers and information on scams below. Much of this work is delivered through the national Consumer Helpline: 0808 223 1133

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