As the economic landscape is significantly altered one of our Team, Emma Green, explains what the situation looks like based on the types of problems people are turning to us for help with.

It is certainly true that Citizens Advice Broxtowe are having to meet the changing needs of our service users with a greater proportion of requests for help with benefits and housing. It is also the case that employment problems have been consistently higher throughout the pandemic than we would normally expect with around 30 people in Broxtowe having a problem with their employment such as redundancy each month.

Data correct up to 12th August 2020.

The national data for benefit claims is staggering and we expect demand for our services to increase over the coming months.

Thanks to emergency grants from the National Emergencies Trust, Nottnghamshire County Council and the National Lottery Fund we have been seeking to bolster our capacity that was dented by the closure of face to face services and the inability of many of our volunteer to contribute as they themselves were self-isolating or not able to work remotely.

We are now working to build our capacity for the future, securing resources to bring more of our volunteers back into active service so that they can work from home providing remote advice therefore supporting the huge effort to meet demand carried out by our staff over the past five months. We were one of the first Local Citizens Advice to reopen for essential appointments in person.

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