This report highlights for the first time the measurable system change achieved for beneficiaries of Citizens Advice Broxtowe. The service provides long term outcomes for its clients in terms of:

  • Ability to identify and manage problems in the future.
  • Improved capacity to access help when needed.
  • The development of new skills and competences.
  • Feeling supported and less isolated
  • Increased optimism.

Evidence in the report suggests the service is keeping the majority of its beneficiaries out of crisis and the social value is significant and measurable.

The survey also demonstrates for the first time that clients of Citizens Advice in Broxtowe, Ashfield and Newark & Sherwood experience improvements in their well-being, feeling better supported, less isolated and more optimistic about the future. Many develop new skills as a result of seeking advice.

Supporting our most vulnerable clients

Working with beneficiaries and partners the service has developed new ways of working with its most vulnerable service users to achieve equality of outcome. Our early intervention and well-being partnership with Nottinghamshire Mind resulted in significant improvements to the well-being scores for people referred to the project.

The core service is that delivered at our daily drop-in advice sessions. It is reactive and relies on the client’s decision to attend and ask for help.

The early intervention project differs as clients agree to regular contacts to check if there are any issues they need help with.

Outputs and economic data.

Combined with the significant economic outputs, an active Citizens Advice service is an essential part of the social and economic health of a community. Citizens Advice Broxtowe work closely with partners such as Broxtowe Borough Council, Broxtowe Women’s project and Nottinghamshire Victim Care along with many others to ensure they deliver a joined up service that provides benefits for mutual clients.

The Mayor of Broxtowe, Janet Patrick

This year we have been nominated as the Mayor of Broxtowe’s charity. You can donate to the Mayor’s Charity Fund below.

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