We are pleased to announce that the Boots Charitable Trust have approved a grant of £9,860 to help Citizens Advice Broxtowe continue the delivery of advice sessions at the Stapleford Care Centre.

Last year over 250 patients attended the free advice sessions. Citizens Advice is an independent local charity that helps people with a range of problems from consumer issues, applying for Blue Badges and advice on a range of social and legal matters.

In Stapleford last year a total additional income of £225,000 was gained for patients, mainly in unclaimed benefits, 52 were helped after finding themselves in debt and 23 patients received help from our housing specialist due to being at risk of homelessness.

Last year 47% of the beneficiaries reported as having a long term health problem and 13% were disabled. We also know from our data that the 250 beneficiaries presented with 412 problems, indicating that many of the beneficiaries were vulnerable with multiple problems.

A recent survey found that patients using the service felt better able to access advice and knew how to ask for help in the future before things became serious. They also reported that they felt better supported, less isolated and more optimistic as a result of using the advice services provided at the Care Centre. Some even felt they had developed new skills as a result. People taking the survey each gave a score out of +5 to -5 for each question.

Citizens Advice Broxtowe’s Development Manager, Neil Clurow said; “we are so grateful to the Boots Charitable Trust for supporting our work at Stapleford Care Centre. We receive a lot of positive feedback from both patients and staff. In the past the community and local councillors have rallied round to keep the service going. It is great that for the next 12 months we have a secure financial footing whilst we look for long term funding solutions.”

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