Evictions from rental accommodation can take place again from today. It’s important that you take action early if you are struggling to pay your rent or you have other problems that might lead to a dispute with your landlord. The Citizens Advice website provides information on what to do if you’re experiencing problems with your renting.

A report by the BBC today highlights the backlog of cases that have built up and the concerns raised the charity Shelter in a recent survey.

Before the ban on evictions was lifted Citizens Advice Broxtowe were experiencing an increase in housing related problems. They are expecting this to continue as landlords start to take action against tenants who have found themselves in arrears with their rent or have other housing related problems.

The charity works closely with Broxtowe Borough Council to help prevent homelessness in the borough and they are urging people who find themselves in arrears to contact the specialist debt or housing teams as soon as possible. Details of how to reach them are below.

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