There have been some helpful changes in the law to protect people who can’t pay certain types of bills during the Coronavirus pandemic. Council Tax reduction, mortgage payment holidays, legal requirements to provide increased notice of eviction to 3 months, postponement of eviction hearings and protections for those who have pre-payment energy meters and can’t pay due to Coronavirus.

However, our message is simple:

Don’t ignore mounting debts – Seek advice early – We are here to help.

To speak with a specialist money adviser from Citizens Advice Broxtowe contact us on one of the numbers below:

01773 768363 (Eastwood area)
01159 173802 (Beeston area)

It’s important you don’t ignore your bills, even if you’ve not yet defaulted. Speak to the organisation you owe money to – they might be able to help by letting you pay smaller amounts or take a break. Our debt advisers can help you prepare a budget so that you can start your discussions with an informed view of what you can realistically offer.

It’s also worth checking with your bank or building society – they might be able to help you with your debts or let you delay loan or credit card repayments.

Some bills can cause you more problems if you don’t pay them. It’s worth checking what bills you should pay first. But our debt team can help you prioritise your bills to reduce any impact on you and your family.

Citizens Advice have prepared some online guidance for those who find their income has reduced due to Coronavirus.

We can also help with general inquiries, housing, consumer problems and help to claim Universal Credit. Contact us on any of the numbers below:

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