This month we released our annual Impact Report. Covering the period from April 2022 to March 2023 the report sets out our social return on investment.

Citizens Advice Broxtowe is a local independent charity for the community that delivers a significant impact in Broxtowe. Last year it helped 7,000 individuals with almost 20,000 problems. The main enquiry areas are benefits, housing and debt. However, in 2022/23 we saw enquiries for help to access charitable support making the top four for the first time followed by problems with utilities. Demand is up on last year with a staggering increase during the last quarter. Overall, this data shows the impact of the cost-of-living is biting hard in Broxtowe with 50% of debt clients experiencing a negative budget that is driven by priority debts like council tax and utility debt, not through consumer spending that has reduced as a proportion of overall debts presented.

However, in our report we demonstrate how Citizens Advice Broxtowe is making a difference to the community helping people through difficult times and achieving sustainable outcomes for individuals but also bringing investment and financial returns into the borough. A summary of the findings are listed below. For more information download out full Impact Report 2023.

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