Citizens Advice Broxtowe, Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottingham West Primary Care Network worked together to organise a days of action aimed at helping people who are struggling with the cost of living. Two events have now been held on was held 7th December 2022 (Eastwood) and on 30th January 2023 (Stapleford).

Pre-booked appointments were available anyone struggling to make ends meet. The work includes income maximisation and advice on a range of measures available to support them out of or avoid financial crisis.

Many more clients who telephoned to book an appointment were given advice at an earlier stage if it was deemed that they needed urgent help.

In total £80,676 in unclaimed annual benefit entitlement has been identified at the events. This shows the importance of seeking help if you are struggling with your household budget. Each year millions of pounds in benefits go unclaimed.

As well has receiving benefit checks 10 people were helped with Personal Independence Payments, 11 with utilities, 8 with emergency support and food vouchers as well as other issues like community care, housing and financial services.

A big thank you goes to the team of advisers who rallied together to deliver the events in addition to their normal duties. We would also like to recognise the support provided by Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottingham West Primary Care Network who helped with design and promotion of the event.

Update: The events were so successful that we were able to secure additional resources to deliver more events from June to september 2023.

Demand for help from Citizens Advice services in Broxtowe is rising with over 900 people helped in January. Nationally 50% of people presenting to the service are on a negative household budget. With this in mind we are continuing to plan how we can meet this unprecedented demand into 2023.

More on Financial Resilience

Citizens Advice Broxtowe also run a Financial Resilience Pilot that is making a big difference to the lives of people who are financially excluded. So far, the project has supported 371 people increasing their income, reducing spending and also protecting and building on any financial assets they have. In total beneficiaries have received support with 1,093 financial resilience related problems and have increased their income by a total of £693,105. Reimbursements on things like services and loans total £11,878 as of December 2022.

In the current financial climate, it is essential that people are confident consumers who are scam aware, digitally capable and can access cost effective financial services. It is also crucial that they have housing security in energy efficient homes. The pilot offers a holistic support package in partnerships with a host of partner agencies aimed at securing financial resilience for households in Broxtowe.

Broxtowe residents should also be able to participate and contribute to the economy. That is why we are working with careers advice, skills and training providers to support people who wish to increase their earnings capacity.

During the first eight months of the pilot 23 people have been supported towards increasing their earnings through things like better off calculations, help with CV’s, accessing job related training & skills and being referred to careers’ advice services.

More information on financial resilience can be found on our dedicated webpage. If you feel you would benefit from the project, get in touch.

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