We’re seeking new trustees!

Do you have what it takes to be a charity trustee? We are seeking new trustees with specific skills to compliment our existing board. All our trustees are volunteers who give their time for free to help with the governance and strategic direction of our charitable company. It’s a rewarding role supporting an organisation that is at the centre of the community helping some of Broxtowe’s most vulnerable residents and the population in general who often just need a little advice.

Read more about being a volunteer trustee with Citizens Advice Broxtowe here.

Stapleford News

The next Stapleford Job Fair is on Thursday 10TH March 2022.

The Jobs Fair is being organised by the Stapleford Community Group. Set up 9am and the event will be open to the public from 930am until 130pm. The venue is the Stapleford Community Centre, Cliffe Hill Avenue, Stapleford, NG9 7HD. Car Park is next to the venue and only £1 for the day to park. 

If any business wants to attend please email staplefordcommunitygroup@gmail.com and include a link to your business so this can be shared on the event page on social media.

New Better Health Campaign

There is a new Better Health Campaign being launched nationally and Your Health Your way is the local provider in Broxtowe. The campaign launch reveals 6 major health benefits to losing weight.

  1. Decreased risk of common cancers (colon, liver, pancreas, kidney)
  2. Lowered risk of increased blood pressure
  3. Reduced risk of heart disease
  4. Less risk of developing diabetes
  5. Less strain from chronic back and joint pain
  6. Decreased risk of being hospitalised or becoming seriously ill with COVID-19

For more information follow the link below:

Help with TV licenses

The government recently set the fees for Television Licenses at £159 per year. We’re all more aware of the increasing cost of living and the impact on our budgets.  We want to make sure residents know what help is available and have provided links below detailing the concessions and information on the Simple Payment Plan. Visit the TV Licensing website along with the FAQs page to find out more.

Remember, if you are struggling with bills do not hesitate to contact Citizens Advice Broxtowe for help.

Changes to the Highway Code

Broxtowe Lotto

And finally a reminder that you can support the work of Citizens Advice Broxtowe and have a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot and other prizes by joining the Broxtowe Lotto. This month a £1,000 Sainsbury’s gift voucher is up for grabs.

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