Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held on 12th October 2021 at which we celebrated the achievements during the reporting year 2020/21, another year dominated by the pandemic. The guest speaker was the Mayor of Broxtowe Cllr Richard MacCrae who thanked our volunteers and staff for their hard work helping the residents of Broxtowe. Richard has a long standing record of supporting the services, especially the Stapleford outreach service. Once again the meeting was held online.

Chairman, Simon Lagoe outlined the work of the service during the year and how Citizens Advice Broxtowe had helped over 5,500 people with over 10,000 problems. He also highlighted the challenges the charity faced and how we were the first Citizens Advice office in the country to re-open for face to face advice, essential for our most vulnerable clients.

Sticking with the theme, ‘Supporting People – Building Back.’ Simon explained:

“As we move forward there is no doubt that the need for our service will continue and grow, not least as some of the additional state support in the pandemic such as the furlough scheme, debt deferment and the Universal Credit uplift, come to an end. We are working to develop and adapt our service to meet that need, learning from our experience over the past 18 months and recognising what a new normal may be over the coming years.”

If you are interested in the work of Citizens Advice Broxtowe and would like to consider becoming a volunteer trustee of the charity please read more about becoming a trustee and the skills we are looking for here.

A reminder about mental health crisis sanctuaries 

Eastwood Community Cafe

Nottingham West Primary Care Network have announced the opening of the Eastwood Community Cafe which provides the opportunity to meet people and make friends. The cafe is based at Julie’s Tearoom, Mansfield Road, Eastwood, starting fortnightly from Monday 11th October at 2pm.

Dig In Stapleford Community Allotment

The Dig In Stapleford Community Allotment is welcoming new members. Dig In is situated on the Albany Allotment site, Pasture Road, Stapleford and membership of the group is free and open every Wednesday and Saturday, 10.00 to 12.00. You can keep up to date with what’s happening on the Dig In community blog spot. More information can be found on the poster below:

White Ribbon 2021

White Ribbon Day is Thursday 25 November, and will run for 16 days of action to end violence against women. The campaign is asking people in their communities, organisations and workplaces, to come together, and say ‘no’ to violence against women.

Read more about how you can participate by visiting the White Ribbon website and look out for local activities taking place in Broxtowe including the activities of Broxtowe Women’s Project.

New national anti-fraud number 159

A new anti-fraud national number being piloted, 159. BBC Business News recently reported on the scheme.

When should you call 159?

Call 159 if:

Someone contacts you saying they’re from your bank – even if they are not suspicious

You receive a call asking you to transfer money or make a payment – even if it seems genuine

You receive a call about a financial matter and it seems suspicious

Remember, 159 will never call you. But you can rely on 159 to get you through to your bank.

Who is behind 159?

159 has been set up by banks and telephone companies who want to fight fraud. It’s a pilot scheme at the moment. The following banks are part of it:

·        Barclays

·        Lloyds (including Halifax and Bank of Scotland)

·        NatWest (including Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank)

·        Santander

·        Starling Bank

That covers over 70% of UK primary current account holders and it is hoped that more banks will join the scheme as the pilot rolls out.

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