Today is World Photography Day 2020 and we are celebrating with a few pictures from the history of Citizens Advice. It all began in 1939 as the country faced it’s darkest hours. The Citizens Advice Bureau, as it was then called was established to help people with food rationing, those who had lost their homes in air raids and a multitude of problems families faced at home whilst the World was at war. The most iconic photograph from that era is advice from a horse box 1939.

Citizens Advice services in Broxtowe were established in 1974, from a portacabin. We of course have since moved to be colocated with Broxtowe Borough Council and Eastwood Library. However the recent pandemic has brought home the real purpose of the service. Our spirit to help people in difficult times shines through the darkness of the difficult times faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a few of our staff working hard to provide advice remotely or to prepare a safe environment for appointments in person for our most vulnerable clients. A good photo says more than words.

And here’s our nomination for World Photography Day.

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