Last year Citizens Advice Broxtowe supported over 5,500 people with the problems they faced. Below is a summary of our outputs.

We help people with any problem they may face or direct them to other partners for the appropriate support that matches their needs. The most common problems people faced during the pandemic were welfare benefits (50% of issues), housing, debt and employment problems. We saw changing trends as the social, health and economic consequences of COVID-19 hit the Borough of Broxtowe. We were here to help.

Long term outcomes

The report highlights the measurable system change achieved for beneficiaries of Citizens Advice Broxtowe. Our evaluation demonstrates service provides long term outcomes for its clients in terms of:

  • Ability to identify and manage problems in the future
  • Improved capacity to access help when needed before problems become serious
  • The development of new skills and competences
  • Feeling more supported and less isolated
  • Increased optimism.

Evidence in the report suggests the service is keeping the majority of its beneficiaries out of crisis and the social value is significant and measurable. What was noticeable compared to last year’s survey is the investment in new projects to proactively support our most vulnerable clients is making an impact. The number of clients reporting no long term outcomes reduced from 18% to 7%.

Supporting people during a pandemic

Our service proved agile enough to continue to support people through the COVID-19 crisis. During the year (2020/21) 70% of the people contacting us did so after being impacted by the pandemic. In our client survey they told us how they had been impacted.

Being a good partner

Each year we carry out a survey of the other organisations we work closely with. They range from local government, health providers, voluntary sector and central government partners. Our partners told us that we helped them achieve their strategic goals. What is most important is that by developing strong strategic partnerships we can achieve better outcomes for our clients and the community as a whole. It also helps to make our organisations and the services we provide more sustainable.

Volunteering for Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Broxtowe has 43 volunteers who come from all walks of life and give their time to the community for free. Many of our volunteers use the experience gained to move into employment, both within the service and the wider employment market. The training and experience Citizens Advice Broxtowe provide is respected and relevant. Last year 5 volunteers moved into paid employment as a direct result of the training and experience they received. They also benefited from being part of a team and the comradeship. We know that it has been a difficult year for our volunteers and we would like to thank them for their continued support.

Social return on investment

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