A recent survey by Citizens Advice discovered that 39% of people in the East Midlands have been targeted by scammers since the coronavirus outbreak and 58% were worried about scams during the same period. Citizens Advice have produced a simple tool to check if something might be a scam and to report a scam. During the Scams Awareness 2020 Campaign we will be teaming up with our partners, Nottinghamshire Victim Care, to fight the scammers.

Nottinghamshire Victim CARE remain open for business and ready to offer support to anyone affected by scams. They offer free and confidential support and advice, and can advise in relation to staying safe from scams. They would particularly direct people to be aware of any scams relating to the availability of personal protective equipment and cleaning products in connection with Covid 19. Since March they have seen a steady increase in cases referred to them in relation to Covid 19 related scams, and in May these scams made up approximately 7.5% of all referred scams. They are available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday on 0800 3047575. Alternatively please visit their website for further information and advice.

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