Administrators have been appointed to Flybe and have issued a statement on their website. Please click HERE to read the statement. If you are affected by the collapse of Flybe you should first visit the website of the Civil Aviation Authority who have issued advice to UK consumers. If you are not covered by any of the methods of compensation listed by the CAA but you have purchased travel insurance you should check if you are covered by your policy.

Senior Consumer Expert at Citizens Advice Jan Carton said: “Flybe customers who bought tickets directly from the company won’t be protected by the ATOL scheme. However, if you went through a travel agent or other third party you may be covered. Some people may be able to get their money back if they paid by credit card.

“If people have accommodation booked they should check the terms and conditions to see if they can get a refund. If they can afford to pay for another flight, it’s also worth checking if they can alter the dates.

“Unfortunately we’ve found that in these situations scammers quickly jump on the bandwagon. If you’re a Flybe customer and you’re contacted by someone offering to act for you to recover your money it’s more than likely to be a scam.”

If you live in Nottinghamshire and you have been a victim of a scam you can contact Nottinghamshire Victim Care.

Employees of Flybe are advised to contact their union and/or the Administrator.

Senior Employment Expert at Citizens Advice Tracey Moss said: “This will be a very anxious time for Flybe staff. We advise them to check with the administrator and their union about whether they should go to work.

“The uncertainty in situations like this can be very frustrating. It can help to “get your ducks in a row” as they say: find out all the information you can, gather any financial evidence you may need to claim benefits and inform your mortgage company.”

The Citizens Advice website provides information on what to do if you are made redundant.

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