Every year, Citizens Advice nationally helps millions of people with different kinds of problems. The help we give has a positive impact on people’s lives, 8 in 10 people said we helped them solve their problem, while 70% said they felt less stressed, depressed or anxious after getting advice.

Our advice also saves money. By helping to stop problems escalating, the work we do saves the government more than £2 for every £1 spent.

Many of the problems we see could be prevented. This general election, we’re calling for all political parties to take action on the issues that matter to people’s lives, so that fewer people face the same problems in the future.

Our national body has written a manifesto for the next government that is informed by the experiences our clients face. They are calling for:

  1. Help people recover from debt
  2. Make the benefits system work for everyone
  3. Protect consumers in the energy market – now and in the future
  4. Make sure essential services meet the needs of all consumers
  5. Provide security for people in their jobs and homes

Download the manifesto blow:

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